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In Tik-Tok of Oz, the stalwart mechanical man goes to war when he is pressed into service as the only private in Ann Soforth's army. This restless Queen of the Oogaboos has set out to conquer Oz and the world beyond, but alters her plans to help the Shaggy Man rescue his brother from imprisonment by the Nome King. Joining this adventurous band in their quest is Betsy Bobbin, a young girl from Oklahoma, and her mule, Hank.Along with other magical fairies from the lands of Oz, they confront the Nome King; but not before this wiley creature has sent them through the earth to the other side into the mystical kingdom of the Private Citizen. This trick proves to be Ruggedo's downfall when the Private Citizen dispatches his Instrument of Vengence to remove the Nome King from his throne.In the end this great adventure concludes happily as the Oogabooians return safely home and Betsy, Hank, and the Shaggy Man and his newly freed brother are accepted by Ozma as permanent citizens of the Emerald City.

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