Dust jacket : Value of Oz books with DJs

Article below applies to Oz books and other children books.

First edition books without dust jackets, when one was originally issued, have a greatly reduced market value, however they do have some collectible interest. Our experience indicates that the value for a first edition book, without its dust jackets, is about 10%-to-20% of the value of the same book, in similar condition, with the dust jacket intact. Even worn or damaged dust jackets add significant value to first edition picturebooks.

The dust jacket’s presence has more importance within the children’s picture book hobby than for book collecting in general. This is because the artwork selected for the dust jacket cover is one of the most important marketing decisions made by the book’s creators and publisher. In many cases, the initial retail purchase decision of a picturebook is made entirely due to attractive or interesting cover artwork. The old adage, “You can’t judge a book by its cover!,” does not necessarily apply to children’s picturebooks. The same cannot be said for books in general.The lives of picturebook collectors’ are complicated by the fact that many dust jackets of picturebooks are discarded almost immediately upon purchase, since they often interfere with the child opening and reading the book, or are torn asunder through the enthusiastic enjoyment of the book by the child. This general trend only increases the value of the first edition books with intact dust jackets, since the existing supply-side quantity is diminished.In many instances, the dust cover serve to fully identify the book as a genuine first edition. This is especially true on Dr. Seuss books and other Random House offerings, but is also true of other picturebooks. The dust jacket often has the price on the top right or bottom right of the front flap, information which could be vital to identification as a true first edition. Sometimes the front or back flap might contain a listing of previously published titles by the author or illustrator that are essential to proper identification as a true first edition book.

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