When you decide to browse available books, I will open a new window for you, so you can always navigate to the my inventory page. In my website I categorized books by copyright year and at first you will see images and descriptions of books

The next step is for you to select one of the books that interest you.

By clicking on the image, you will be presented with multiple photos of specific book as in an example below

Here, you can at glance evaluate a whole book. In addition, you can read my description and price that I assigne to this book. If you decide to look at more details, click on any image. By clicking, you will be presented with magnified view of the image as shown in the next photo

At this point you can either click to Start Slideshow at the top left corner to go through all images of this book or use arrows link at the top right side of the image in order to see each image individually.

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