Oz books price - How Much ?

What is specific Oz books price? It depends on many factors. Which edition? What condition? Are all plates present? Are the endpapers present, and are they correct? Is there a pictorial label? Which pictorial label is it (many went through more than one)? Is there a dust jacket? What is the condition of the binding? Any "extra" color plates? Are there any special features (like the colored pages of the early "Road to Oz")?

Very generally, it is my opinion that Oz Books that were published by Reilly & Lee or Reilly & Britton usually fall into seven price categories:

1. First Edition First State - $200 + (Condition, Number of plates, Title)

2. First Edition Later Printing ($125+)

3. Pre - 1935 with color plates ($80+)

4. Post - 1935 without color plates ($40+)

5. Post - 1935 with Dust Jacket ( $50+)

6. White Edition Series ($ 20+)

7. Books of Wonder ($10+)

For complete details on latest Oz books' values and prices based on individual titles and various condition levels, please check Wizard of OZ books Collector's Price Guide

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