OZ Books' statistics

Information below was taken from the biography of L. Frank Baum "To Please a Child"

1st edition of Wonderful Wizard of OZ
September, 1900 - 10,000 copies
October, 1900 - 25,000 copies
November, 1900 - 30,000 copies
January 1901 - 25,000 copies

Total 90,000 copies published by Hill.

In 2008 another reference books named "The Book Collector's Guide to L.Frank Baum & Oz" indicated that there was only 35,000 copies of Wonderful Wizard of Oz printed. Below is a statement from a book

The autors base their 35,000-copy estimation on surviving records of Denslow's total royalties and dismiss the publisher's hyperbolic claims of nearly 90,000 copies printed by 1901. However, an early notice by the Hill Company cites three printings of the book, of 10,15,and10 thousand copies (Baltimore Herald, Oct.21,1900), and it is quite possible that one or more additional press runs were completed before the publisher failes in March of 1902.

Another source mentioning number of copies of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz printed found in the book "Oz creator" by K.Rogers. Below is the info

Information for 1918 sales of other OZ titles that published by Reilly & Britton

Land of OZ - 3,914
Ozma of OZ - 3,138
Dorothy - 3,360
Road to OZ - 2,657
Emerald City of OZ - 2,811
Patchwork Girl of OZ - 2,839
Tik-Tok of OZ - 2,774
Scarecrow of OZ - 2,926
Rinkitink in OZ - 2,731
Lost Princess of OZ - 4,139
Tin Woodman of OZ - 18,600 ( 1st edition year)

Wizard of Oz books published

From 2008 edition of "The Book Collector's Guide to L.Frank Baum & Oz" it indicates that other first edition Oz books printed under 20,000 copies and some even less. Please see image below

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