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Short summary of Land of Oz story:

A little boy, Tip, escapes from his evil guardian, the witch Mombi, with the help of a walking wooden figure with a jack-o'-lantern head named Jack Pumpkinhead (brought to life with the magic Powder of Life Tip stole from Mombi), as well as a living Sawhorse (created from the same powder.) Tip ends up on an adventure with the Scarecrow and Tin Woodsman. Tip finally learns that he is really Princess Ozma, the true ruler of Oz, is changed back into a girl, and ascends the throne of Oz.

  • 1st edition, 1st state

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Land of oz -  Post 1935 with dj - $125 Land of oz - Pre 1935 with 12 plates - $100 Land of oz - Pre 1935 with 12 plates - $120 Land of oz book - 1st  edition, 2nd state - $500 Marvelous Land of oz - - 1st  edition, 3rd state - $300

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