Spectacular offer for Wizard of Oz book collectors / sellers.

Have you ever thought about how collectible books may help you earn extra income in your spare time?

Collectible Oz books are big sellers; finding them is like a treasure hunt – challenging, but rewarding. Mostly, you will need a desire to learn about Oz books and have some free time and I will help you out every step of the way.

You might wonder why would I be willing to share my hard-earned wealth of knowledge with you? Simply because although I can perform daily online research related to Oz books, I am not able to actually visit every antique store, used book store, local auction, book fare, garage sale, estate sale, etc. I cannot place craigslist ads in every city/state, nor do I have ability to visit each seller in order to evaluate/purchase Oz books. It is simply humanly impossible to do.

That is where each of you come in, in your individual geographic location, with your willingness to embark on this journey. By placing free classified ads in your local papers, by going to various local auctions, by scanning the papers for promising estate sales, you may be able to find that elusive Oz book that you can sell at a nice profit.

You may ask: how do I know if this book is worth something? And also, where would I find the potential buyers:

Below is what I can offer to my subscribers For a fee of $149, you will get:

1. The latest copy of Bilbiographia Oziana (The reference book that lists all the necessary points to identify Oz books editions). The value of this book is $30.

2. Oz Books Collector’s Price Guide, where each book is priced based on edition and condition. This price of this book is $45.

3. The rest of the fee of $149 which amounts to $74 will retain my services for the lifetime of the subscriber.

4. Unlimited email and telephone support.

5. Tips on how to evaluate book condition and identify the feasibility of repairs.

6. Avenues for you to sell your books to me at a reasonable cost thus avoiding not only the expenses of getting the book ready for re-sale (something that often takes a long time), but also the problems of finding the buyers for your books .

Oz books are big sellers and collectible. Finding them is like a treasure hunt – challenging, but rewarding. You will need a desire to learn about Oz books. This service will provide help every step of the way.

With a special niche like Oz books, where an average collectible Oz book is worth over $100, this adventure is worth your time. Space is not an issue also to store a few books – it only takes one shelf in the bookcase. How do you sign up?

The easiest way is through PayPal. Even if you don't have a PayPal account you can use your credit card or bank account.

The Bibliographia Oziana and Oz Books Collector’s Price Guide will be shipped to you via priority mail within a few days.

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Questions? Email to fred@rareOzBooks.com or call (410)-530-3265 ( Maryland)

Frequently Asked Questions

1. Why should I sign up for your offer?

To be ahead of the competition by knowing what to buy and having an invaluable source to sell the books to.

2.Will you pay me a reasonable price for the book?

As a rule of thumb, I would consider paying for books in “Good” condition 70% of the price identified as a low price in the Price Guide, 80% of the low price for the books in “Very Good” condition, and 90% of the low price for the books in “Near Fine/Fine” condition. I will also consider offering extra for dust jackets based on edition and condition. Obviously, there are exceptions and variations to these general guidelines.

3.What books are you willing to buy?

I am mostly interested in books in Good+/Very Good or Near Fine conditions, preferably with Dust Jackets. In some cases where a specific title is rare and sells for over $1500, I may consider purchasing books with in lower grade condition.

4. Can you assist selling books if you re not interested in them?

Absolutely. I will teach you how to sell books on eBay or craigslist in order to realize maximum profit margin.

5. Why sell to you and not through other selling avenues, such as, for example, eBay?

Serious buyers who are willing to spend thousands of dollars to obtain collectible Oz books prefer to purchase them from a reputable dealer they can trust. Buyers also would like to have the ability/option to return a book for any reason without any obligation. Generally, eBay cannot provide such advantages. Also, many buyers value their time and do not wish to go through the learning curve of Oz books’ identification, ebay bidding process, etc. Also, I have a number of clients who are looking for a 3 –4- year- commitment to obtain all 40 Oz books series. Some buyers would like to collect first editions, some later editions, some with Dust Jackets, some error books, etc. As a result they are willing to pay extra for services and selection I am offering.

6. Can I also build a website and sell my Oz books?

Many people can have a website, but not everyone understands what goes into building a SUCCESSFUL website. One of the reasons my website is successful is because I have extensive knowledge of software industry and make my website easy to understand and be easily accessible. My website is visited daily by hundreds of people and can be found on the firsts page by Google, MSN and Yahoo.

7. The most important question: why should I trust you?

· It has taken me many years to accumulate the knowledge needed to be a successful seller and I am willing to share that knowledge with you

· You get the benefit of savvy professional who was featured in various national publications, including the Baum Bugle.

· My unique book- finding system enables you to identify that rare or sought after Oz book that every one else is passing over

· You won’t waste time and effort on low-price books

· I am a Power seller on eBay with over 1000 positive feedbacks with 5 star feedback rating. My ebay ID is RareOzBooks

· I am scrupulously honest and I love Oz books!

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