Buy Oz books : How to order process works

Ordering to buy Oz books process is very simple. Because most of the Oz books that I carry are rare, collectible and antique, I advise you to contact me to check the availability of any book. Please complete this form contact me for ordering Oz books I will be happy to hold books for you until I receive your payment. All books are fully returnable within 14 days.

I am available from 10am - 11pm EST and on weekends. My phone number is 410-530-3265.

Book status

The books on my website can be found in one of three availability categories: "available", "on hold", or "sold". Just a little explanation of what these categories mean.

"Available" - When the Oz book is available, it usually does not have the word "Sold" or "Hold" preceding the book number. If interested in more information or in purchase, you can send me the book number next to the title, for example, "5-Emerald City" to, and I will reply within 24 hours.

"Hold" - Books are usually placed on hold when someone expresses interest in buying that book but for various reasons has not purchased it yet.

"Sold" - book is sold, but is still available for viewing so that buyers can compare it with the photographs on my website. I usually remove the title from my website once the buyer indicates that he or she is happy with his or her purchase (or 1 month from the day of sale).

Payment Method

I will let you pay for books in one of the following ways:

Check, money order, or Paypal (including credit card payment).

I can send you an invoice that will include the title that you are planning to obtain, along with its price, shipping fees (media mail or priority), and insurance fees to cover loss or damage.

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