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Oz Books Wikipedia section provides anyone interested in collectible Oz books with information about the Oz books series by L. Frank Baum, Ruth Plumly Thompson, John R. Neill, and Jack Snow.

This article provides the reader with the brief overview of the first and early publishers of Oz books.

Here the reader will find a list of 40 official Oz titles with author name, copyright year and publisher of the 1st editions.

Reader will find book covers of most of the popular the Wizard of Oz book editions including description, edition, state, last entry in copyright page, publishing years and other information.

Here the reader will find a list of all L. Frank Baum books with copyright year and the name of the 1st editions' publisher. List of books by L. Frank Baum

Here the reader will find interesting statistics related to the number of printings of 1st and early editions of Oz. I am planning to expand this section at a later date. Publishing statistics

Would you like to find out of Famous 40 Oz titles which one are the most popular by visitors to this website ?

Color plates' position for each Wizard of OZ titles from first to later editions Color plates' position

L. Frank Baum Biography

Oz Reference materials

L. Frank Baum Bookplate with his signature

Few short video tutorials below that should provide nice introduction to what to look for in collectible books.

1 minute video of parts of a book

2 minute video of what to look for in the front plate

1 minute video of what to look for in the text block

1 minute video what to look for in the spine

1 minute video of what to look for in hinges

Short video showing the first edition of L.Frank Baum books

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