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Oz Newsletter #1 - Oz books with dust jackets ( February 2008)
Oz Newsletter #2 - Is it a good idea to invest in Oz books ? ( April 2008)
Oz Newsletter #3 - Selling antique Oz books at action ( June 2008)
Oz Newsletter #4 - Comparing childrens books to other collectibles( August 2008)
Oz Newsletter #5 - Wizard of Oz unique items in the recent auction( October 2008)
Oz Newsletter #6 - Good books make great gifts (December 2008)
Oz Newsletter #7 - Books Reference Publications for Wizard of Oz collector (February 2009)
Oz Newsletter #8 - The Significance of Frank Baum Signature in signed books ( April 2009)
Oz Newsletter #9 - Effect of various Oz productions to collectible Oz books ( June 2009)

Oz Newsletter #10 - The Current Outlook: The Oz Books Collector's Emerald Age ( August 2009)

Oz Newsletter #11 - Collecting Wizard of Oz Vintage Movie Posters ( October 2009)

Oz Newsletter #12 - Wizard of Oz trends ( December 2009)

Oz Newsletter #13 - Beware of fraud in Wizard of Oz books( February 2010)

Oz Newsletter #14 - New Wizard of Oz Movie and its Impact on the Oz Books (April 2010)

Oz Newsletter #15 - How to collect books that will become valuable (June 2010)

Oz Newsletter #16 - Books grading : Rare, Collectibles and comics (August 2010)

Oz Newsletter #17 - Land of Oz Park : MGM Collectibles (October 2010)

Oz Newsletter #18 - First edition copies of The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (December 2010)

Oz Newsletter #19 - Political Symbolism in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz (February 2011)

Oz Newsletter #20 - History of Collectible children's literature (April 2011)

Oz Newsletter #21 - Wizard of Oz Memorabilia (June 2011)

Oz Newsletter #22 - Wizard of Oz eBooks (August 2011)

Oz Newsletter #23 - Did Frank Baum's books appreciate over the last twenty years? (October 2011)

Oz Newsletter #24 - Wizard of Oz Pieces That Start a Conversation (December 2011)

Oz Newsletter #25 - The Wizard of Oz Collector's Treasury (January 2012)

Oz Newsletter #26 - Rare Childrens Books (March 2012)

Oz Newsletter #27 - Oz The Great and Powerful (February 2013)

Oz Newsletter #28 - China Girl Doll (May 2013)

Oz Newsletter #29 - North American Tour of The Wizard of Oz (December 2013)

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