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To make your purchase of first and early editions of collectibles Oz books pleasant, I offer not only descriptions, but also many photographs of each part of the book; a luxury that I was not given when actually purchasing them. The book collector's equivalent of "location, location, and location" is "condition, condition, condition" and I let photos speak for themselves.

Before going to browse my inventory of books, take a moment to get yourself familiar with the best way to view books condition. Note that the loading of pages maybe delayed due to connection speed and number of images.

Frank Baum Oz books

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Ruth Thompsons books

John Neill, Jack Snow, Cosgrove and McGraw books

Frank Baum Later Edition (post - 1935)

Frank Baum White Cover Edition (1964-1965)

Frank Baum Non Oz books

Ruth Thompson Non Oz books

Sample of L.Frank Baum first editions Oz titles with short summaries

Frank Baum first edition complete set

Various Wizard of Oz sets

Books by Gregory Maguire - (Signed & Limited editions) - Wicked, Son of Witch, Lion among men

Reference books for identifying Oz collectible and values

Various books related to Oz series

Various books related to Oz series (Later editions - post 1970s)

Original Dust jackets for Oz and other Baum books

Facsimile Dust jackets for Oz and other Baum books

Collectible items related to Wizard of Oz theme

Original Sketches and Artwork by Oz illustrators

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Since all of my books are 100% returnable, I have no intention of hiding any details about them. My concentration on collectible books is very time-consuming because it takes a lot of time to find and display the books thoroughly and properly.

You can buy (first editions, antique, rare, vintage) books by L. Frank Baum, Ruth Plumly Thompson, John R. Neill, Jack Snow and other authors from my online store. I offer a unique experience through my Oz edition categorization and multiple photo concept.
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